Invacademy Impetus

Have you heard about our highly successful Impetus course? If you assess and prescribe wheelchairs then this course is ideal for you.

Impetus ia a comprehensive two-day course that will help partcipants become competent in assessing and prescribing a basic manual wheelchair whilst looking at the principles of posture and seating as well as pressure ulcer development and management. The course will help candidates to select the right wheelchair dependant on the patient's needs and requirements by offering practical information and advice. It will also look to improve clinical skills for wheelchair assessment and enable basic competence prescription skills.

Presented by an experienced Occupational Therapist, this course offers a mix of practical, group discussion and active participation to assist and support participants’ learning in a beneficial environment.

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  • Course Level: Basic
  • Duration: Two days
  • Price: £149 per person (+VAT)

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