Invacare Action 3NG MWP

The NEW Invacare Action 3NG Mid Wheel Propulsion (MWP) is a smartly designed, 6 wheel manual wheelchair, that facilitates a more active rear wheel position and increases stability from the 2 additional castors to the rear. The ergonomic design significantly enhances manoeuvrability with easy access to the handrims and a natural position of the person's arms, ensuring the chair is more energy-efficient to propel.

The Action 3NG MWP also features a clever tilt mechanism that can be operated effortlessly by a caregiver or the person in the chair to achieve a 25 degree tilt, offering quick and easy pressure relief. This highly versatile model is a great lightweight, folding manual wheelchair, offering increased comfort and a choice of more active seating positions within the Action family range.

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