Invacare UNIQUE

Personalise your wheelchair with our UNIQUE service from Invacare

Invacare UNIQUE is our dedicated service that provides expertise in customising an individual’s product to cater for a specific need, or even the most complex requirement.

To ensure a truly personal specification, we would like to introduce you to the Unique team who will guide you through your experience. Click here to meet the team.

Whether the modification is a more traditional requirement such as; longer armrests, wider seats or customised controls, or something more personal, such as a hot pink frame, our team has the knowledge, experience and capability to deliver a UNIQUE product that meets your specifications.
Our dedicated team of qualified specialists and engineers will assess every new request. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes (i.e. a new colour), to several weeks when there are more complicated modifications to be made.
UNIQUE products are always kept on file, traceable by the serial number, so we are able to quickly respond to any queries regarding orders through this service.
We offer three levels of service based on complexity;
Level 1: Direct order - our most simple service. Our quotation times for this level are:

  • First response in 2 days, quote in 4 days. 
  • Extra lead time, on average, 1 week

Level 2: Our ‘On Demand’ service - this usually requires further information than Level 1. Our quotation times for this level are:

    • First response in 2 days, quote in 1 week.
    • Extra lead time, on average, 2 weeks.

    Level 3: Our ‘Custom Made’ service requires further investigation into the technical implications of modifications, resulting in our team carrying out a full and detailed risk assessment. You will have to fill in the 'Request For Quote' form for your type of wheelchair. Our quotation times for this level are:

    • First response in 2 days, quote in 2 weeks.
    • Extra lead time, on average, 3 weeks.

    See our Invacare UNIQUE brochure & Request for Quotation forms, and follow the easy step by step process to order your customised Invacare UNIQUE wheelchair.
    PDF iconInvacare UNIQUE Brochure.pdf

    PDF iconInvacare UNIQUE Request for Quotation form

    For further information email, or call 01656 776222.