Following the successful preview at Trade Days, Invacare is launching the innovative, new Alber Mobility Plus package and Mobility app for its E-fix power add-on. With a new and improved handset, the E-fix can now connect to a smartphone and offers a number of exciting features including an ‘easyNavi’ system, remote control and incoming call notifications.

E-fix is a quick and simple power add-on ideal for individuals who need extra power assistance in their manual wheelchair. It consists of drive wheels, a battery pack and handset.

Available on the E-fix E35 and E36, the Mobility Plus package offers new features designed to increase confidence for customers when out and about.  It uses Bluetooth technology to connect a smartphone to the E-fix control unit giving access to an array of features including a clever ‘easyNavi’ system.  This is ideal when planning a journey with its wheelchair-friendly navigation system that identifies the most wheelchair accessible route. It features a simple start/destination street map based navigation with a dynamic guidance displayed on the E-fix handset to give clear instructions on the route to take.

Other great functions include notifications of incoming mobile phone calls or texts (only on Android devices); a remote-control function which provides a handy way to manoeuvre the chair using a smartphone and allows a person to increase driving speeds from 6km/h to an incredible 8km/h.

In addition, customers can now download the Mobility app that gives access to an array of information to show how the E-fix product is performing. The ‘smart assistant’ within the app allows customers to check battery capacity and work out the distance that can be covered on the remaining charge. It also offers useful everyday tips giving solutions for errors and includes a world-wide dealer network search.

The Mobility Plus package is now included as standard with all Alber E-fix E35/36 systems and the Mobility app is available to download now from Google Play or itunes.

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