Invacare introduce new features and colour options for its highly popular TDX range. 

These neatly packaged chairs now pack a powerful drive providing superb handling and enhanced performance with LiNX technology.  The TDX SP2 power base can now be customised with over 100 colour combinations with new shroud and wheel rim colours.

Customers now have a choice of 10 contemporary shroud and rim colour options, including Island Blue, Rockstar Red, Grape Jelly Bean and Monster Green.  These stunning rim colours complement its new black tyres and castors providing greater aesthetic appeal.

In addition, there is a new single sided fork option on the front and rear castors providing a sleek, more slimline powerbase enhancing its outstanding performance for indoor and outdoor activities.

The stylish TDX2 ULM, TDX SP2 and NB chairs together with the TDX2 Low Rider form part of the Invacare SMART powerchair range featuring LiNX touchscreen remotes and MyLINX capability.

Watch the video on our Youtube channel at Invacare Ltd UK

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