Vicair Backs

Every day unlimited support and great comfort ultimate freedom of movement starts with an individual solution.

Each Vicair® back system has unique features, to offer a solution to each individual. We have back systems for the active user, elderly persons in need of a high level of support or a growing child.

Liberty back system

A small adjustment results in optimal support

- Changes the wheelchair’s back from standard into comfortable

- Follows and gently supports the spinal cord

- Easily installed strap back

- The wheelchair can still be folded, easy for transport

- Lightweight

- Used with e.g. scoliosis or kyphosis

Academy Multifunctional back

- Fit for use in tilting wheelchairs with adjustable seat depth

- Easily installed

- Can be used to replace an orthosis

- Safe and stable - Excellent pressure distribution

- 8 compartments, individually adjustable

- Lightweight

- Used with e.g. MS (Multiple Sclerosis), ALS, rheumatism, quadriplegia, in a geriatric environment and for pain relief