About Alber power add-ons

Alber is the specialist provider of portable, versatile, and user-friendly mobility devices for wheelchairs. It is the worldwide market leader in the field of power add-on drives for wheelchairs and is constantly striving for new innovative products and services to increase the freedom and mobility of individuals using wheelchairs.

Alber power add-on wheels are compatible with virtually any wheelchair, provided it has the correct brackets fitted to the chassis. Alber has tested thousands of manual wheelchair combinations and produced an equivalent number of brackets. In fact, in 95% of instances, Alber has brackets to fit a wheelchair.

We are committed in driving our Alber power add-on business forward during 2018. Therefore our new Alber support team is on-hand to ensure the highest standards of product, technical, training and marketing support are available to you. Please see our new alber team here:
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Alber product range

NEW Alber e-motion M25 is best suited to those looking for a lightweight, intuitive solution offering extra power assistance in everyday life. Evolved from the M15, the e-motion M25 power wheels now come in 3 different wheel sizes, 22", 24" and 26", accomodating a wider range of individuals.

Alber e-pilot designed for active individuals looking for a 2 in 1 option. Use your manual wheelchair as standard or simply attach the e-pilot electric hand bike to go further and arrive faster. 

To fit the e-pilot electric handbike to a wheelchair, it needs to be compatible and a bracket needs to be fitted for attachment. This intuitive video shows exact instructions to fit the bracket safely and securely. 

If you’re an active individual in a wheelchair you may benefit from using Alber twion power assist wheels. The power drives are contained within the wheel hub and provide effortless motion with just one push making every day activities much easier.

Ideal for those with impaired strength, the Alber e-motion M15 can help as the power assist wheels require little effort. It is easy to dismantle for transportation making this a simple and convenient power add-on.

The Alber e-fix E35/36 offers a smarter, lighter way to convert your manual wheelchair into a power wheelchair. With a compact battery pack, lightweight components and a new sleek hand control, the e-fix E35 gives you the option of power at your fingertips whilst still trains all the features of your manual wheelchair.

For a quick and easy solution, the Alber viamobil V25 Push and Brake aid can be easily attached to most manual wheelchairs. The drive motor simply attaches to the rear of a wheelchair while the functional design of hand controls fit neatly onto the push handles helping the carer move the chair with minimum effort but maximum control.

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'Exchange Pool' explained

The Alber ‘Exchange Pool’ is a free to use service to help customers who have a technical issue with their Alber products. The Alber products are highly valued and reliable but if something does go wrong with them we recognise the need to help our customers by supplying a temporary replacement product.

The principal of the service is similar to getting your car serviced or repaired and being given a ‘courtesy ‘car for when your car is in the garage. The courtesy car remains the property of the garage at all times and similarly, the ownership of the Alber exchange pool components remain the property of Invacare UK. Both the courtesy car and the exchange pool wheels must be returned to their respective owners when the repair is completed, and in the case of Alber wheels when the repaired wheels are returned to the end user.

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For more information on using the ‘exchange pool’ facility, please call 01656 776333 or email us at


Looking for some Alber product training?

Invacare’s training academy provides an extensive range of courses across our entire product range for our retailers. The Alber Invacademy training course includes an overview of the Alber range followed by a detailed look at the push and brake aids, then onto a session on how to convert manual wheelchairs to a power chair using the power add-ons.

The afternoon session consists of a hands-on workshop allowing attendees to fit brackets, take part in a fault finding exercise and a detailed look at the 'Exchange Pool' service. By the end of the course, participants will become confident in adjusting and setting up Invacare's Alber power add-on range.

Also in 2017 if you require a more specifically tailored training course related to the powered wheels or power add-ons we can carry out the training at the dealers premises if required. 

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Should you require any further information, please contact us.