Community Sports Chat Forum

Do you participate in a sport?  Do you like talking about sports?  Here’s a dedicated forum where you can chat, connect and find out about adaptive sports; whether you’re a pro, novice or just starting out, looking for a club, looking to try a new sport or just like to exchange your views.
The Wheelchair Sports Forum is a place for like-minded wheelchair and adaptive sports players to meet one another, with a view to increasing the sense of community among players and participants. 
It has been developed to help individual sporting communities connect with one another, while providing a safe place for new players to express an interest and find out more about the sports. All disciplines are welcome, as are all questions!
The Forum is simple to use and most importantly is free. Simply pick a username, click the activation link you'll receive by email and you'll instantly gain access to all the forum topics. Once registered you can set up a profile if you wish, introduce yourself to the other forum members and become an active member by creating topics and answering other people's questions. 

To join the forum just click the link here to register: