Invacademy Overview

Invacare Invacademy training


Invacare's training academy provides a comprehensive programme of educational courses tailored to the requirements of clinical, technical and commercial staff working in the provision of assessing and prescribing products. Each course offers key skills and knowledge to those involved in managing and improving the care of elderly and disabled individuals. Participants will receive training documentation including presentations and hand-out material at the start of each course to use for future reference. Attendance certificates will also be available on completion of the course. 

Course Presenters

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced presenters offer a high level of skill and expertise in presenting each course to help participants improve their understanding of technical, clinical and product based topics. Each course is delivered with a mix of presentations, practical workshop sessions and discussion groups to give delegates an all round understanding of the topic(s). 

We're now offering a range of online courses to keep your skills up to date  (held via MS Teams) please click here to view the full list.