Pressure Care

Think Pressure Care aims to assist Healthcare Professionals with pressure ulcer prevention.

With such a high focus on pressure ulcers, we want to support our customers not only with high specification pressure redistributing equipment but with raising awareness of pressure ulcers throughout trusts and organisations. Think Pressure Care from Invacare is a free dedicated resource providing training material, education support and equipment guidance to assist healthcare professionals with their pressure ulcer prevention initiatives

Working with you - Clinical support and training

As part of our service offering, we provide a range of support materials and training which includes:
  • Mattress Audit and Care
  • Pressure Ulcer Awareness
  • Product and Technical Training
  • Clinical and Technical Resources
Training is provided free of charge by fully trained Clinicians, Business Development Managers and Product Specialists. Please see our Invacademy Training courses for more details.

Auditing Services
Invacare Audit team

As a market leading provider of pressure redistributing products, Invacare has been providing the public and private healthcare sectors with professional audit services for over 10 years We understand the time and resource required to carry out an equipment audit, therefore our specialist service is tailored to alleviate these pressures. Our team work closely with you to ensure all your Pressure Area Care equipment is inspected to a high standard with minimal disruption to your patients and residents.

Please contact your local PAC representative to discuss your requirements.

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What is pressure ulcer

What is a Pressure Ulcer?

A pressure ulcer is an area of damage to the skin and the underlying tissue, usually over a bony area of the body. Pressure ulcers range in severity from skin discolouration to severe open wounds where the muscle and bone are visible.  

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Invacare Education & Clinical papers

Knowledge Bank
We offer a comprehensive range of resources from posters to clinical papers for you to download.  Click here to view the selection.

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